Antonia's Hillsborough

Authentic Regional Italian Cuisine Prepared with Fresh and Local Ingredients


Tuesday - Sunday:  5pm to 9pm


If you've dined at Antonia's you've likely noticed our varying collection of artwork. In an effort to support the arts community we exhibit work by local artisans. It's an ideal way for us to liven up the wallspace in our restaurant and the artists to gain well deserved exposure.



We'll start with our very own, David Sovero. He has worked at Antonia's as a Sous Chef/Head Chef since July 2012. David is from Lima, Peru and attended the Peruvian National Arts College from 1990-1996. After establishing himself as a decorated painter in Peru he left for the United States in December of 2001. Since coming to America his work has been shown throughout North Carolina including Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham.

As for his influences and styling, David's Incan ancestral roots are saturated with Andean stylized figures. His everyday existence and relationships are intimately tied to his work. Shadowy semi-abstract specters emerge from the darkness of the canvas. David's surreal compositions and simplistic geometric forms are based in lines, texture and dimension, giving freedom to his talent and creativity.

T.W. Johnson, a self-taught artist, paints landscapes, both representational and abstract in acrylics and oils. He's been a regular at Antonia's since we opened our doors in early 2011. Not just as a connoisseur of fine food but as the man who helped fabricate, build and oversee our physical transformation from Tupelo's to Antonia's. A builder and renovator, he began following a lifelong dream of painting several years ago. Since that time he has exhibited in many solo and group shows, appeared in galleries and publications, given radio interviews, taught painting classes and painted on commission. He is currently represented in West Palm Beach, Fl., Durham and Hillsborough, NC.

Inspired by the dark subtleties of the Barbizon Painters, the atmosphere of American Luminists, the mysticism of George Inness and the minimalism of Edward Hopper and Mark Rothko, Thomas aspires to combine these elements into his own artistic expression. By using reclaimed wood from old tobacco barns and Mill houses, he creates frames with unique qualities adding a bit of history to each work of art. Occasionally a frame will be made of the same wood from a building that appears in the painting.

"I have journeyed toward painting all of my life. I have watched sunsets and moon rises, lights and shadows moving across landscapes and seasons changing. In my heart I painted them all. Every day that I stand in front of the canvas is a blessing. The smell of the oil paints, the pallet that evolves, the brushes that I choose and the landscapes that come to life... are a celebration."